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...Changing Lives for the Better

Our History

February, 1997: The concept of providing a myriad of intervention services to disenfranchised populations began via volunteer awareness and education activities.

January, 1998: Outreach activities became more targeted focusing specifically on the male drug using population who was recently released from prison.

March, 1999: The STAND Inc; is created to empower and motivate socially displaced men to lead healthy and productive life styles.

April, 2000: In collaboration with Our Common Welfare and Mercy Mobile, conducted a focus group for 20 men with substance abuse and criminal justice system involvement. The outcome of this event represented the tenets for all STAND Inc; project activities which include substance abuse intervention, education and treatment; structured housing, HIV/STD education, screening, and treatment; collaboration with community resource programs and services; employment training and placement; and peer mentoring.

Fall, 2000: STAND Inc; is approached by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding the establishment of interventions for the substance abusing population who were ex-offenders.

March, 2001: STAND Inc; receives approval from the Georgia Department of Human Resources, DUI Risk Reduction Program to function as a licensed drug and alcohol treatment modality.

July, 2001: A three year research and prevention study “Men Involved In STD Training Empowerment Research Study” (MISTERS) was funded by the CDC and contractually monitored by the Georgia Department of Human Resources, Division of STDs.

May, 2004: STAND Inc; is confronted with financial challenges and subsequently solicits funds to pursue the Safe Structure & Supportive Transitional Housing initiative.

March, 2005: STAND Inc; acquires its first Housing unit in DeKalb County. This represents the response to the “structured housing” outcome of the April, 2000 focus group event.

July, 2005: STAND, Inc; receives certification to function as a DUI Treatment Program & Evaluation Center.

December, 2005: First graduate from the Residential Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program.

January, 2006: STAND Inc; Treatment Center License to conduct a specialized Day Treatment Program.

March, 2006: STAND Inc; becomes State Certified to conduct a Family Violence Intervention Program.

October, 2006: The Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles accepts STAND Inc; application to participate in the Re-entry Partnership Housing Program.

December, 2007: STAND Inc; receives contract from the Georgia Board of Pardons and Parole to administer the “Residential Substance Abuse Treatment” (RSAT) Program.

January, 2008: STAND Inc; pursues activities to increase its capacity by responding to two SAMSHA Grants focusing on the re-entry of prisoners to the community.

March, 2008: STAND Inc; commence discussions with Our Common Welfare regarding satisfying their Program Objectives for CDC & SAMSHA Grants.

May, 2008: CDC approves STAND Inc; capacity to render preventative services to the client population previously served by Our Common Welfare.

May, 2008: Program planning session for partnership with the State Board of Pardons & Paroles to sponsor a Faith Base Event which focuses on increasing the spirituality of ex-offenders.

June, 2008: STAND Inc; focused on the enhancement of benefits package and handbook for employees along with the creation of a Development Plan to guide its fundraising activities.

July, 2008: STAND Inc; acquires additional office space at its North Center site in an effort to increase available space for direct client services .

August, 2008: Collaborative Faith-Based Event at the Maloof Building attended by approximately 100 church, political, law enforcement, and employer representatives.

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