Standing to Achieve New Directions

...Changing Lives for the Better

About Us

STAND, Inc., is a Georgia based organization that was established in 1999 by Charles Sperling.

Headquartered in DeKalb County, it is recognized as one of metropolitan Atlanta’s leading non-profit organizations focusing on comprehensive services for reentry, HIV/AIDS, and substance abuse intervention and prevention.

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As a community based organization, it is evident that STAND is not exclusive in its mission to develop and implement proven behavioral health solutions for individuals afflicted with complex and compounded social issues and disease. As such, STAND is fortunate to have leadership and collaboration from state, county other nonprofit organizations, and community stakeholders.

STAND strives to make certain its efforts enhance civic accountability and productive stewardship, public safety and family preservation; thereby, ultimately, reducing an ever growing economic burden.

image of STAND Domestic Violence Services

Board of Directors

Elton Andrews, Chair
Chauncey Cherry
, Vice-Chair
Diane Sherman, Secretary
Jamila Hoyett, Treasurer
Elizabeth Andrews
Sabrina Cherry
Terry Winston

Vision – Where we are going
STAND aspires to be a positive force in creating hope, power and self-determination for underserved individuals suffering from social issues and diseases.

Mission – What we do
STAND provides comprehensive solutions and evidence-based interventions to underserved individuals dealing with HIV, mental health issues, alcohol and substance abuse, domestic violence and re-entry.


Over the past decade, STAND has developed, implemented and administered effective preventive behavioral health services, research, and comprehensive program evaluation. 


Advisory Board

Maria Flores-Sperling
L. Neicey Johnson

Executive Director

Charles Sperling

“Treat people as if they were what they should be, and you help them become what they are capable of becoming”.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,
German writer, scientist, and philosopher

At STAND Inc., we don’t focus on where our clients come from, our emphasis is on where they are capable of going.

Our clients are individuals newly released from jail or prison; those infected and/or affected by select chronic diseases; and, those in the grasp of addiction. We are purposed to develop and facilitate evidenced based, effective re-entry and recovery solutions for under-served populations.
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