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HIV Intervention and Prevention Services

STAND, Inc. is recognized as one of the Metro Atlanta’s leading community based organizations for HIV intervention and prevention services.

STAND, Inc.'s HIV prevention project was implemented in 1999 to address the continuing rise of HIV infection among African American substance users in metro-Atlanta. The primary mission of the project is to provide HIV Prevention services to those over 18 years of age that are HIV-positive, at-risk for HIV, and those that are unaware of their HIV status.

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A unique appeal of this program is its design and programming that addresses the distinct life experiences of individuals at high-risk for HIV disease. This is done through a number of activities which include our signature “safer sex house intervention.” This strategy takes prevention activities into intimate settings such as private homes and fosters open and honest dialogue around lowering the risk for HIV disease. HIV counseling and testing services are also provided.

Success Story

This client is a 24 year male from Ethiopia, who presented in 2007 as a high risk negative individual with an HIV positive partner; on 1/29/08 he too was diagnosed with HIV. Since his diagnosis and enrollment into early intervention services, he has gone on to become an advocate for safer sex practices and prevention education in his family and social network of friends. He continues to make every effort to stop the spread of HIV within his immigrant community.

At least every month this individual is in our clinic with those individuals, be it family, friends, potential sex partners or members of the Ethiopian communities in and around DeKalb County, who have expressed to him that they are or may be at risk.

Testing Site & Hours:

HIV Testing can be accessed weekly at

3486 Covington Highway
Decatur, Georgia 30032
(404) 288-4668
(678) 888-1411

Monday – 8am to 4:00pm
Tuesday 8am to 7:pm
Wednesday 8am to 7pm
Thursday 8am to 7pm
Friday 8am to 4:30pm

At STAND Inc., we don’t focus on where our clients come from, our emphasis is on where they are capable of going.

Our clients are individuals newly released from jail or prison; those infected and/or affected by select chronic diseases; and, those in the grasp of addiction. We are purposed to develop and facilitate evidenced based, effective re-entry and recovery solutions for under-served populations.
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