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Re-entry Services

STAND, Inc., has a unique approach to assisting those returning to the community from incarceration do so successfully.

Our history has proven track record for reducing recidivism and fostering the unification of the community and family.

Our program focuses on prevention that addresses the "whole" person and issues such as employment, housing, education, family support, social connectedness and individual root-causes of incarceration. 

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The program is designed to reach those recently released (within 1 year) from jail or prison and who have an interest or mandate to re-enter the community. The program works directly with the judicial system to ensure there is a demonstrated reduction in victimization and recidivism.

Success Story

47 years old, incarcerated 2 years: Reported receiving a positive HIV diagnosis while in prison. 3 months after being released, participant was recruited for PGC and is now connected to health care at Dekalb Board of Health and is registered with an initiative dedicated to supporting the HIV community.

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Success Story

74 years old, incarcerated for 27 years: Participant was unemployed, residing in substandard living arrangements and had no marketable skills. PGC has assisted him in applying and receiving SSI, part-time employment, Medicaid, an established bank account and suitable housing. Staff continues to monitor this participant’s progress.

At STAND Inc., we don’t focus on where our clients come from, our emphasis is on where they are capable of going.

Our clients are individuals newly released from jail or prison; those infected and/or affected by select chronic diseases; and, those in the grasp of addiction. We are purposed to develop and facilitate evidenced based, effective re-entry and recovery solutions for under-served populations.
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