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Substance Abuse Treatment Services

STAND Inc., alcohol and drug treatment services are comprehensive in scope.  The program offers residential and non-residential treatment opportunities.

Each program offers up to 20 hours per week of clinically appropriate drug treatment, recovery and testing services. The agency's residential program includes a 26-bed transitional supportive housing resource designed to accommodate homeless clients who are engaged in our substance abuse treatment services.

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To complement its Substance Abuse Treatment Services, STAND Inc., provides

Multiple DUI offender services, including clinical evaluation and treatment services.

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Wayne – a Success Story

After 37 years of alcohol and drug addiction and many failed efforts of attempts to get help, Wayne found himself being escorted by the Georgia Department of Pardons & Paroles to the doors of STAND Inc. on April 30, 2008.

STAND, Inc.'s approach to its treatment programs is defined by various content levels.

Level 0.5
This Early Intervention treatment level is a service that may be delivered in a wide variety of settings. It is designed to explore and address problems or risk factors that appear to be related to substance use, and to assist in recognizing the harmful consequences of inappropriate substance use.

The length of service for this level depends on the individual’s ability to comprehend information given and to demonstrate behavioral change. Appearances of new problems may require a higher level of intervention.

Level 1
Level 1 is our Out-Patient Services and provides organized non-residential services. These services include professionally directed evaluations, treatment and recovery services conducted over a period of time - approximately nine (9) hours per week or through attendance at regularly scheduled sessions. The length of treatment for this level of care varies with the severity of illness and the individual's response to treatment.

Level II.1
This Intensive Out-Patient Treatment (IOP) is offers comprehensive counseling and education services. The IOP has a referral component available to the client, and include services such as, medical, psychological and pharmaceutical consultations. Generally, the client is required to spend an average of ten (10) or more hours per week in this level of treatment.

He had been released that day and mandated into STAND Inc.’s long-term substance abuse treatment program after spending 14 months in prison for drug charges.

At 45 years old, Wayne had hit his “bottom.” His addiction had affected every area of his life. From alcohol and drug abuse, to failed treatment attempts, a long history of criminal involvement, and multiple incarcerations (including multiple parole violations) — drugs and alcohol undoubtedly ruled his life. Wayne’s addiction to getting and using drugs and alcohol was a vicious cycle and had lasted for 37 years too long.
Even still, Wayne says the STAND Inc. program taught him how to live again, “STAND Inc. has helped me to restore my faith in myself and has given me peace. I am successful, happy, and now I have a future.”

Wayne is currently employed full time, has completed STAND Inc.’s day treatment program, and is participating in the STAND Inc. aftercare program. He resides in the transitional housing component of STAND Inc. where he wants to remain as long as he can to establish savings, to continue to maintain contact with his local sober network of recovering peers, and to continue to attend the 12-Steps meetings in the area. In the near future, he aspires to pursue a four year degree in Music; he currently holds an Associates degree in music. Most importantly, Wayne acknowledges that he now has a future as a happy, drug-free member of society.

At STAND Inc., we don’t focus on where our clients come from, our emphasis is on where they are capable of going.

Our clients are individuals newly released from jail or prison; those infected and/or affected by select chronic diseases; and, those in the grasp of addiction. We are purposed to develop and facilitate evidenced based, effective re-entry and recovery solutions for under-served populations.
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